Our Association

The Bourrée Montagnarde is a folk group from Massif Central fonded in 1927 by the Auvergnats who came in Paris to find a job.

The essential task of this association is to keep and spray folk tunes, songs and dances from the Great Avernie. Vielle, Cabrette and Accordeon musicans are playing classical bourrees, strong bourrees, mocking or graceful bourrees keeping their original taste. This authenticity is also present in songs and costumes religiously conserved or faithfuly rebuilt from the one worn by our parents in the XIXth century, or more precisely between 1850 and 1900.

Instruments, dances, songs and costumes are the most sincere expression of Rouergue (Aveyron), Auvergne region (Cantal & Puy-de-Dôme), from Gevaudan (Lozère), from Limousin (Corrèze), from Velay (Haute-Loire), and from Quercy (Lot).

danse de la Bourrée Montagnarde

Each week, we meet together to dance bourrees, valzes, marches and polkas on the sound of cabrette, vielle and accordeon.

Beginners learn the step, and the others train figures of the different dances and prepare shows.
We animate parties from the people originating from Massif Central, local markets, city village or local area parties, or company organised parties, thema lunches from restaurants or old people home, third age happenings, family celebrations (anniversary, wedding, retirement party, ...) and participate to national and international Festivals.